Using nets to replace permanent structures

June 20, 2022
Four ways to use nets to replace permanent structures

Protection nets are highly versatile. They can be used as dividers, they can secure objects or they can block access. They offer several major advantages when replacing permanent structures:
  • They are easier and quicker to set up
  • They are often less expensive than a permanent structure
  • They allow you to easily and quickly modify the configuration of premises
  • They adapt more easily to unusual situations or locations
They feature prominently in sports facilities, industry, transportation and many other applications.

Here are some common ways they are used in sports facilities by municipalities, colleges, universities, arenas and sports centres.

Gymnasium separation nets
Gymnasium divider nets allow you to modify the configuration of a gymnasium in a few minutes in keeping with the sport to be played and the number of areas needed. This is one of the most common applications in sports.

Nets as a replacement for metal fences
Outdoor tennis courts are often fenced off with metal structures that are expensive to install and offer no flexibility. The use of nets makes it possible to circumscribe various areas at a lower cost and to free up space in winter. 
Nets to replace protection cages
Municipalities often use metal structures as protection cages, such as for baseball and softball fields. Nets, in addition to being much less expensive, offer great flexibility. With the arrival of new leisure activities like drone racing, nets make it possible to quickly transform the space for different activities, providing effective protection for people in the stands.

The widespread use of netting in hockey arenas is a good example of how it can keep spectators safe without impairing visibility.

Nets to replace practice cages
When we think of a tunnel-style baseball batting cage, we think of the sound of the ball being hit perfectly by the bat and then striking the fence, emitting a satisfying metallic sound. But, in addition to being more economical, a protection net offers greater flexibility. Nets can also be installed on golf driving ranges, allowing a smaller surface to be used while preventing balls from ending up in undesirable places.

What type of material is best?
Nets are made from different materials. Nets made of polyamide have a short lifespan and are intended for installations that do not last more than one year. On the other hand, nets made of nylon have a useful life of 10 to 15 years when maintained and handled with care. The shape and size of the mesh will depend on the sport being played.


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