Difference between net only and ready to Deploy

August 03, 2023

Plankton nets come in different sizes and configurations. Today we will be talking about the different configurations. When you are looking to buy plankton nets, there are two main configurations; Plankton Net Only and Ready to Deploy (RTD) Plankton Net Assembly. 

The first configuration is quite straightforward, it’s the plankton net only. This configuration is usefull when you are ordering replacement nets, large quantities of nets with identical specifications or when you plan on acquiring your tow ring with bridle and cod end somewhere else, maybe a local supplier.

The second configuration is the more regular one. Ready to Deploy (RTD) Plankton Net Assemblies include the plankton net, the tow ring with bridle and the cod end with matching Nitex Mesh window. This configuration is great when starting a new inventory, starting a new project/study or when you just need a no-frill turn-key solution with everything included.

This is by far the best option and clients receive a bundle price for purchasing the full assembly. 

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