Introducing our new Plankton Net Transport Bags

August 02, 2023

Filmar has always had a reputation of manufacturing some of the highest quality plankton nets in the industry. Yet we’ve had some clients give us feedback that they were damaging their plankton nets during transport because they didn’t have anything proper to carry them.

This is now a problem of the past as we have just launched our new Plankton Net Transport Bag. Our transport bag is available in 30cm, 50cm, 75cm and 100cm.

They are assembled using the same 1000D Nylon used in the plankton nets. 

We add a drying window made of oval mesh and 3 eyelets at the bottom for quick draining.

Velcro is installed for easy access and a car seat-belt material is used as a strap to easily carry the bag.

Gone are the days where your plankton nets would get damaged in between studies.

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