Reduced errors when ordering Bongo Nets

July 26, 2023

Most of our clients are very well aware of the gear that they are looking to purchase, but sometimes, either they’re starting a new research study or they’re just new to the position and some details can be overlooked. 

We had a situation recently where a new client had ordered replacement Bongo nets to fit on their existing Bongo frames. This is something that happens quite often. 

Bongo nets are quite standard, they come in different lengths and usually only a few options for diameter. The most common frame dimensions are 60cm, 61cm and 63cm. 

Unfortunately, this can be confusing as Bongo nets wraps around the frame instead of being laced to it like a regular plankton net.

When someone orders a new bongo net with a new frame, we make the net to fit the new frame according to the requested specifications. But when someone orders a replacement net for an existing frame, there’s one important variable to verify in order to guarantee a proper fit.

Because the nets are wrapped (fitted) around the frame, it is extremely important to give us the outer diameter of the frame and not the inner diameter…

So a rule of thumb, if you are ordering a brand new bongo set, no need to worry about anything, but if you are ordering a replacement net for an existing frame, please confirm that the diameter that you are giving to us is the outer diameter.


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