Nets for Agriculture and Wildlife Managemenet

-For large scale farmers, it is always a priority to maximize yields while simultaneously protecting fauna and the environment.

When managing fauna, it is critical to modify certain behaviours while minimizing the impact to wildlife. 

It is for these reasons that Filmar manufactures nets of a superior quality that are the perfect solution to help reduce losses and damages linked to climate and wildlife.

What’s more, an added benefit of maximizing crop yields by using high quality nets is the reduction of the overall farmland required to achieve the same total crop, which is great for the environment!

Our nets can easily and quickly be installed over large areas and they can be configured to adapt to every type of environment.

Choose from our standard nets or contact us to discuss your custom project.

Product type



Compost Protection Net
To keep mounds of compost that can easily fly away on the ground. This net is usually used as a w...
Crop Protection Net
To protect trees or crops from being eaten by birds, insects or animals
Grain Protection Net
To keep crops that can easily fly away on the ground. This net is usually used as a weight on a l...
Potato Planting Net (Grid)
To create a sowing pattern on the ground to facilitate seed sowing
Fish Farming Net
To create a fence that is higher than the contour of a fishpond to prevent fish from jumping out
Anti-Nesting Net
To prevent birds of any kind from building nests in the ceilings of different types of buildings
Avian Enclosure Net
To create a flexible fence for birds that are unable to fly away. By being flexible, the fence ca...
Geese Control Nets
To prevent damage to shorelines from landing geese (and other birds) on a watercourse.
Hay Bale Net (Rectangle/Round)
To reduce the consumption speed of a hay bale when feeding horses
Hay Trap Net
To reduce the consumption speed of hay put in a box to feed horses
Crab Trap (Fukui)
To catch crabs on the sea floor. This type of trap is often used to reduce an invasive crab popul...
Marine Mammal Stretcher
To allow one or two people to carry a mammal in a stretcher
Gill Net
To capture fish of a certain size in the bottom of a watercourse by means of their gills
Multifilamment Trammel Gill Net (150ft long)
To capture, simultaneously, fish of different sizes in the bottom of a watercourse by means of th...
Waste Control Net
To create a high barrier around the perimeter of a landfill or waste sorting facility to prevent ...