Grain Protection Net

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Crop Protection
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The main purpose of the Crop Protection Net is to keep crops that can easily fly away on the ground. This net is usually used as a weight on a layer to provide easy access to the crop.
  • The crop protection net is used to prevent light grains from blowing away after harvesting during the storage period. 
  • It is most often used by farmers and grain distributors who need to store their grain outside. 
  • It has the major advantage of being easy to move to access the grain without having to move several heavy objects. 
  • Most often it is used in combination with a sheet that covers the grain, the net acts as a weight on the sheet.
  • In the past, farmers and distributors used old tires as
    , the net is much more adapted to this use and much more flexible.
  • Material:
  • Length: 100 ft
  • Width: 30 ft
  • Mesh size: 5 in


Average Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 1 to 5 years
Installation: Can be installed indoors and outdoors
Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation that requires a minimum of two (2) people
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Maintenance: Install and Forget (no maintenance required)


Manufacture details: Net is made by hand with a single weaving of the
to fix the net and the rope
The finished product has extra ropes (free or looped) at every extremity in order to faciliate installation


  • Agricultural Farm
  • Harvest Warehouse

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