We manufacture the best nets of the industry.
For more than 30 years, Filmar has been offering custom-made nets of the highest quality for scientific research, elver fishing, agriculture, animal management and sports facilities.
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Plankton Nets for Aquatic Scientific Research
Standard and custom-made nets for scientific research using quality materials and assembled with the utmost care.
Sports Nets
Ensure the safety of athelets and spectators, maintain balls within the sports field and protect goods during transit, these nets are designed with safety in mind
Nets for Agriculture and Wildlife Managemenet
Great nets to protect your grains, crops and harvests and perfect to bird-proofind and wildlife control
Elver Fishing Nets
Premium elver hoop nets, fyke nets and dip nets for this unique and lucrative activity

Here is what our clients have to say

We use only top-quality products, assembled with great care, to make exceptional nets. We offer the only lifetime warranty in the industry.
9 out of 10 new customers become customers for life. We answer to their exact needs with our conceptualisation service.
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30 years of experience in fields that we have carefully chosen allow us to effectively advise our clients.