Fyke Net - 1/4in stretched mesh (1/8in square) - Square Opening

Scientific Research
Product type:
Fyke Net
Fresh Water Sampling, Fish Trapping, Fish Inventory
Lead time:
16-30 Days
The main purpose of the Fyke Net is to catch fish alive.
  • The fyke net is used to keep the catch alive 
  • It's flexibility allows it to be used at any depth and in various situations and habitats.
  • It is constructed with a
    net mounted on
    hoops (see general characteristics) 
  • The first hoop is square, allowing the
    and central guide (optional) to be easily attached
  • The square mouth allows the prey to be properly directed towards the trap.
  • Each chamber has a zipper to facilitate the recovery of the catch
  • An 8in
    (cone) is installed within the mouth
    to prevent to catch from exiting the fyke net
  • In the case of a double chamber net, another 6in funnel (cone) is installed within the central
    to further discriminate the catch by sizes
  • Only the metal of the frame and hoops touches the bottom of the water, increasing the life span of the gear.
  • This hyper-resistant model is renowned for its long life even under heavy usage
  • It is possible to use two (2) fyke nets opposite each other with a central guide to create a double fyke net
Pair of Wings (included):
  • Buoys every 18in on the top rope
  • Lead core
    rope on the bottom rope
  • 25ft Length ( *5ft for the 12in fyke net)
  • Height is identical to the diameter of the rings
  • Wraparound wings that cover the top of the frame (see image)
Central Guide (Optional)
  • Buoys every 18in on the top rope
  • Lead core rope on the bottom rope
  • 150ft Length
  • Height is identical to the diameter of the rings
General Characteristics (Letters refer to the image)
  • (B) Distance between hoops is equal to the diameter of the rings ( *18in for the 12in fyke net)
  • (C) Length of wings is 25ft ( *5ft for the 12in fyke net)
  • (D) Total length of the body of the net (excluding wings) is equal to the diameter multiplied by amount of rings
  • Double Chamber = 2 funnels (8in and 6in) and 5 rings
  • Single Chamber = 1 funnel (8in) and 3 rings
  • Material: Knotless Nylon Netting
  • Mesh size: 14 in
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Average Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 5 to 10 years
Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation that requires a minimum of two (2) people
Transportable Net: Light and Compact
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Maintenance: Remove, rince with fresh water and dry after each use


Manufacture details: The net is sown by hand or machine around the rings of the net to create the cylinder shape, then cones are added insided to create the hoops


  • Wildlife Management Business
  • Provincial Government
  • Federal Governement
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Biologist
  • Professor
  • Student
  • Outfitters/Natural Wildlife Reserve

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