Gymnasium Divider Net

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Field Safety Net
Gymnasium Divider
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The main objective of the Separation Net is to separate two play areas inside a gymnasium to confine the balls of each activity to its designated area
  • The divider net is generally used to subdivide a play area into several distinct sections allowing groups to practice a different sport.
  • The net is often installed in large school gymnasiums and is suspended from the ceiling. 
  • It is manufactured with a
    net with a
    size adjusted to the diameter of the smallest ball.
  • We add a heavy rope on the bottom line of the net to give it extra weight and prevent the balls from crossing to the other side.
  • This net is designed to fit your needs and the dimensions of the space you intend to block.
  • Material: Knotless Nylon Netting


Average Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
Installation Complexity: We recommend having professionals take care of the installation
Modular Net: Multiple nets can be attached together
Safe Net: Maximises safety of users and non users (spectators, passers-by, etc)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Maintenance: Install and Forget (no maintenance required)


Manufacture details: Net is made by hand with a single weaving of the
to fix the net and the rope
The finished product has extra ropes (free or looped) at every extremity in order to faciliate installation
Manufacture options: It is possible to add a
lead core
line on the bottom of the net to weigh it down
It is possible to add a double lead core line on the bottom of the net weigh the net down (ideal for waters with strong current)
It is possible to sow a
on the perimiter of the net to increase its durability and finshing. We can also add eylets to facilitate installation


  • Professional Sports Team
  • Gymnasium

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