Elver Hoop Nets

Market: Elver Fishing Nets
Product type: Hoop Net
Applications: Commercial Fishing, Elvers
Lead time: Made upon order
The main purpose of the Elver Hoop Net is to capture glass eels during their nightly movement on a body of water with a large surface area.
elver net for elvers;

Made with 1/32 in. white Delta

Net Body:
Mouth Opening; 4 x 4 ft. opening.
Total length 15 ft.
Includes five compartments, 4 cones, 4 zippers for cleaning and harvesting.
with floats: 19 ft. long x 4 ft. high, 1/16 in. delta
Skirt: 30ft to 4ft wide by 14ft deep, covering the ground between the
and body.
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Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
Complexity: Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation for one (1) person
Maintenance: Remove and dry after each use
Manufacture details: The net is sown by hand or machine around the rings of the net to create the cylinder shape, then cones are added insided to create the hoops
It is possible to add a floating rope on the top of the net to inrease floatability
It is possible to add a
lead core
line on the bottom of the net to weigh it down
Length: 180 in
Width: 48 in
Height: 48 in
Mesh size: 132 in


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