Brook Trout Gill Net (6 Panels)

Scientific Research
Product type:
Fresh Water Sampling, Fish Inventory
Lead time:
16-30 Days
The main purpose of the Brook Trout Gill Net is to sample a watercourse with a net made up of 6 panels with different
sizes in order to make a complete inventory of the Brook Trout in an environment according to standards established by the MFFP
  • Experimental Gillnets are used to survey fish populations (age or size classes, maturity stages) in fresh or salt water. 
  • They are made of mesh sections of different sizes. 
  • Any combination is possible, but standards (length, depth, mesh, filament type, color) exist for various applications and jurisdictions. 
  • These 6 ft. deep nets have a floating headline (top) and a lead line (bottom)
  • Sections are arranged in order from largest to smallest mesh.
Standard Dimensions
  • Depth: 6ft - Panels: 6
  • Length of each panel: 25pi 
  • Total Lenght: 150pi 
  • Multifilamment Net stained green
  • Mesh size for each panel:
Panel 1: 1in
stretched mesh
(1/2in x 1/2in)
Panel 2: 1-1/4in stretched mesh (5/8in x 5/8in)
Panel 3: 1-1/2in stretched mesh (3/4in x 3/4in)
Panel 4: 2in stretched mesh (1in x 1in)
Panel 5: 2-1/2in stretched mesh (1-1/4in x 1-1/4in)
Panel 6: 3in stretched (1-1/2in x 1-1/2in)
  • Material:
  • Length: 75 ft
  • Height: 6 ft
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Average Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 5 to 10 years
Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation that requires a minimum of two (2) people
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Transportable Net: Light and Compact
Maintenance: Remove, rince with fresh water and dry after each use


Manufacture details: Net is made by hand with a single weaving of the
to fix the net and the rope
It is possible to add a floating rope on the top of the net to inrease floatability
It is possible to add a
lead core
line on the bottom of the net to weigh it down
The net is dyed green create a camouflage effect in water to help in the capture of fish


  • Wildlife Management Business
  • Provincial Government
  • Federal Governement
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Biologist
  • Professor
  • Student
  • Outfitters/Natural Wildlife Reserve

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