Standard Plankton Net - 64um

Market: Experimental & Scientific Research
Product type: Plankton Net
Applications: Micro organisms, Horizontal water sampling, Vertical water sampling, Plastic sampling, Ocean sampling, Lac Sampling
Lead time: Made upon order
The main purpose of the Standard Plankton Net is to conduct a simple sampling of a specific water stratum (only 1 filtration accuracy).
  • The standard plankton net is conical and is the simplest type of sampling net.
  • It can be used for horizontal, vertical or oblique sampling.
  • It is laced on a
    stainless steel
    with a towing flange and a filtering bucket at its end. 
  • Standard opening diameter (25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm). Other sizes are available on request. 
  • The ratio of opening diameter to length of the net is usually 1:3 or 1:5. Customized nets with different ratios can also be manufactured.
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Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 1 to 5 years
Complexity: Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation for one (1) person
Transportable Net: Light and Compact
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Maintenance: Dry after each use
Manufacture details: The net is made of ultra-strong and extremely precise
. We have over 60 options of filtration
sizes varying from 1 to 5000 microns
The net mouth and and tail are reinforced with non-treated Cordura
1000 deniers on which
are added (net mouth) and a clamping device (net tail) to hold onto the
. Every seam is reinforced with 3/4in webbing to guarantee a ultra strong net
Ideal for capturing phytoplankton (smaller than 80 microns), zooplankton (60 to 600 microns) and other micro-organisms (500 to 5000 microns)
For nets with a diameter larger than 100cm, extra reinforced webbing is added on the lenght of the net to maximise it's structural integrity
Material: Precision Filtration


  • Wildlife Management Business
  • Provincial Government
  • Federal Governement
  • Research Center
  • Wildlife Manager
  • Environmental Analyst
  • Researcher
  • Biologist
  • Professor
  • Student

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