Rescue Cradle Net (Man Overboard Recovery Net)

Sports & Safety
Product type:
Rope Net
Military Training, Track & Field Practice & Safety
Lead time:
10 to 15 Days
The main objective of the Man Overboard Recovery Net is to facilitate and accelerate the recovery of people overboard by boat.
  • The man overboard recovery net is used on ships in the open sea to make it easier for a man in the water to be pulled overboard by holding tight to a large slick on the net that is easier to pull up. 
  • When a man is in the water, the net is thrown into the water, the man holds on tightly and the net is pulled up by hand onto the ship, saving the man's life.
  • It is possible to add floating ropes or
    around the net to improve floatability. 
  • The net is manufactured according to the customer's needs.
  • Material: Pre-stretched Propylene Rope

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Average Lifespan: Average Lifespan: 5 to 10 years
Installation: Can be installed indoors and outdoors
Installation Complexity: Quick and easy installation that requires a minimum of two (2) people
Local Product: Product made by hand in Quebec
Warranty: Lifetime warranty covering manufacturing defaults
Modular Net: Multiple nets can be attached together
Maintenance: Install and Forget (no maintenance required)


Manufacture details: Net is made by hand by lashing multiple ropes topgether opt form the net
The finished product has extra ropes (free or looped) at every extremity in order to faciliate installation


  • Armed Forces (Navy)
  • Coast Guard
  • Military
  • Federal Governement

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